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Why Choose Us ?


There are many reasons to choose Elite Entries Security Iron Doors, but the number one reason is Quality!


  • In Stock - We have hundreds of In Stock doors to choose from, so there’s no waiting time

  • Shipping – Our In Stock doors can be shipped next day.

  • Install System – Each door is ready to install  when delivered.  Our doors are the easiest to install and come ready with insulated safety glass, weatherstrip system, and accept standard door hardware to eliminate the need for custom or hard to find locks and latches.  Because of the unique “slide in” install process from the interior frame it makes replacement doors and ease to install without tearing up the interior or exterior of your home

  • Built-in Drainage System – unique sloped door slab design under the glass panel  that allows rain water to drain to the exterior side away from the glass panel and door.

  • Security – 12 gauge steel on all doors and 12 gauge steel screens.  Passive doors have mounted flush bolts to provide a secure lock when not in use.

  • Hinged Glass -This offers convenience when it comes to cleaning the glass, and also gives you the option to leave the glass panel open for ventilation and still have security with the doors being locked.

  • Energy Efficiency – Our breathtaking iron doors are injected with high quality polyurethane foam for year-round insulation. The foam also aids in the prevention of rust from forming and are built to last in any extreme weather environment.

  • Customer Service – We are committed to the Best Quality and Best Service!

Unparalleled Craftmanship

- Weather Stripping around Each Door and Glass.

-Roller Catches to Keep Doors Closed when Unlocked

- Top and Bottom Flush Bolt System locks in Dormant Door.

- Door Panels are 2” Thick and Foam Injected for Insulation.

- Integral Threshold for Enhanced Strength and Weatherproofing

- Tempered Double Pane 5/8” Insulated Glass.

- Heavy Duty Hinges for Lasting Use

- Hand Painted Finishing Process & Hand Forged 5/8” Scroll Work

- Highest Quality 12 Gauge Steel (Superior to 14 and 16)

- Built In Drainage System


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