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We LOVE our doors, and we would love for you to have an Elite Entry Iron Door! We stand behind our doors 100%. Also, we take pride in being completely upfront and informative when a customer is interested in purchasing an iron door. We like to let our customers know that there are a few factors to take into consideration before making a purchase. The following is a list of these factors and why they are important:

Prolonged Direct Sunlight - Over exposure to the sun will significantly reduce the look of you door if frequent upkeep is not maintained.

Lack of Cover/Overhang - A lack of cover or overhang will allow for more weather related elements to contact the door. Also, exposure to moisture/water may lead to rust if not wiped down often.

Extreme Climates - Large swings in temperature or humidity levels can cause an increase in sweating on the inside (interior) of the door. These large swings will require more frequent upkeep during these times of the year. This mainly occurs in the colder months with the extreme temperatures.


Iron doors need maintenance just like a wood door. *We offer a limited 1-year warranty. This warranty does not cover issues caused by natural occurrences. Your iron door will last for many years with a small amount of attention. Please refer to the maintenance section on our website for all care instructions.

*This warranty is only valid when the door is installed by Elite Entries.


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