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During extreme temperature swings, you may experience some “sweating” or moisture on the inside of the door and in extreme cases it may form frost on the inside of the door.  This is not a sign of defect, it is a result of rapid, extreme temperature loss.  This may occur when the temperature drops 30+ degrees very rapidly.  For instance, it's 55-60 degrees during the day, a cold front moves in and the next morning it is in single digits.   In most cases it will correct itself as the outside temperature stabilizes (24-48 hrs).  In most cases your HVAC will actually remove the condensation from the door but you can always dab it dry with a towel.  If you have wood floors, it may be best to put a towel down directly behind the door to prevent the condensation from dropping onto the floor.  Again, this is normal during an extreme temperature change, you should not experience this during normal temperature changes. 

Pivot doors are not rated for water intrusion.

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